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Your way to eNgage!

                                 Today we are happy to announce a new partnership with eNgage! The Legends Arena is evolving from day to day, and we a...

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Results of Legends Arena Duo #4

Today we had a successful start with the new waiting system! People enjoyed it way more than the previous once and we are of course looking to make it...

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We want you!

In the last few weeks Legends Arena has developed quite fast. We saw that you guys love to play the game and we love to offer you a platform on which...

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New tournament cycle

Since the start of the Legends Arena we had to learn quite quick. The interest in PUBG tournaments is huge, and we want to keep up the good work we ha...

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Results of Legends Arena Duo #3

After a successful third tournament we are happy to announce that we have the new rankings up. Alot of you guys have noticed we had smaller issues reg...

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Results of Legends Arena Duo #2

After a successful second tournament we are happy to share the current leaderboard of the season and tournament with you guys! The best-of-3 format ha...

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Upcoming format changes

The first week of the Legends Arena has been a blast. Over 50 teams registered to take part in the first tournament. We are happy that it turned out t...

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Gamescom Invitational details released

Just a few days before the Gamescom opens it's doors for the broader public, Bluehole has shared extended details with their userbase.70+ of the bigge...

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Welcome to the Legends Arena!

Welcome to the Legends Arena!We are happy to introduce a new tournament series to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. From today on we will host weekly tou...

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