Help: Add a new gameaccount

Gameaccounts are important for us. Gameaccounts enable us to identify you over different platforms. We need gameaccounts to create rankings, adjust brackets or to uniquely identify you. In this article we will explain step-by-step how you can add a gameaccount to your account.

1. Open your settings

All settings (including gameaccounts) can be changed on the settings page, located on the right upper corner in your navigation. In case you are not logged in yet, please log in or create an account. Open the dropdown and click on settings.

2. Scroll down to "Gameaccounts"

At the bottom of your settings you will find all your linked gameaccounts. In a normal case, with a new account, there are no gameaccounts added just yet. Click on the button "Add new gameaccount" to add a new account.

3. Choose your wanted gameaccount

There are different gameaccounts you can add on our platform. Be sure that you enter the right gameaccount for your tournament. In this example we want to add a PUBG Username to our account, which is related to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Select the wanted platform from the dropdown and enter your accountname right next to it. Click on the green button "Add new gameaccount"

4. Check if it was added

You will get back to the settings page, once the account was added. You will see a confirmation message saying, that your account was created. Please scroll down and make sure, that your gameaccount was added. Once you got that done, you are free to participate in your wanted tournament!


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